Long before Jet’s Gourmet Popcorn became a favorite snack and sweet shop in Southern Ohio and the region, it all began from simple and humble beginnings.

Several years ago, chocolate and baked goods was the start when a father and son team began producing the tasty combination as a cottage food business to satisfy the taste buds of many customers who wanted a quality handmade sweet to serve to family and friends.

As their many loyal customers grew, so did the demand in the community. What began as specialty orders blossomed into public sales through special events and local fundraisers for several different nonprofit organizations.

The constant question arose about a storefront where these delectable treats would be available for purchase at any time was all the two heard so they set about doing research for the perfect product mix that would be successful in a small river town. They looked at a wide range of items to couple with their already proven selection of goodies and stumbled upon the idea of a tasty selection of gourmet popcorn that wouldn’t be available elsewhere.

That’s when Jet’s was born. The decision was made to couple a wide selection of tasty popcorn with the already popular sweets and open a storefront in Portsmouth, Ohio.

Jet’s Gourmet Popcorn has continued to add sweet treats to their amazing selection of candied, savory, and premium gourmet popcorn line over the years. The demand for their products has grown beyond their wildest imagination while they sell from their popular storefront location and ship to popcorn lovers across the country.

If you haven’t tried Jet’s yet, you really don’t know what you are missing!

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